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  1. Greetings Friends!

    Permit me to introduce you to a new Grant Program that is brewing at the moment. It is actually called The Blended Fund for Small Holder Farmers on Palm Tree Plantation but more popularly known as THE PALM TREE PLANTATION GRANT.

    As the name suggests, it is a grant built around the growing of Palm Tree Plantations and its related products. The grant was launched in Indonesia, but doesn't belong to Indonesia. It is the result of the combined effort of some wealthy philantropist/businessmen towards funding Palm Tree Plantations. The headquarters of the grant is in Indonesia. As you may know, Indonesia is one of the foremost producers of palm products in the world, alongside Malaysia and others. The mission of the Grant therefore is to fund more Palm Tree Plantations.

    The Grant is being put together and championed by the Nation Builders NGO. Preliminary approval for the Grant was secured through Ghana. The process therefore is already on in Ghana. Thereafter additional 5 African countries were added, of which Nigeria is one of them. The process for securing full approval of the Grant for Nigeria is at an advanced stage now. Based on this, interested individuals are being called to subscribe to the Grant program.

    In order to benefit from this Grant, potential beneficiaries will be expected to utilize the funds in Palm Tree related businesses. The grant program also suggests that there will be an immediate market to convert these products into cash, which is what everyone wants.

    The basic structure for the Grant requires 1,000 beneficiaries grouped as Outlets, along with a total of 6 Directors (1 Principal Director and 5 other Directors).

    The total cost for owning an Outlet with our group is ₦20,000.

    Our target is the registration of 120 Outlets under us. After payment each Outlet will receive their set of forms and approval documents. Beneficiaries will be required to register with the sum on ₦500 ONLY! But that won't be now. For now we are only dealing with those who wish to invest in buying Outlets.

    » Principal Director - ₦150 million
    » Directors - ₦40 million
    » Beneficiaries - ₦3 million - ₦8.5 million.

    Those with previous data from previous programs including SEM are welcome to use this data. But all the projects must be based on Palm Tree Plantation, Products & related Industry.

    Getting an Outlet is on a first come, first served basis. And this is the time to get in.

    PAY YOUR ₦20,000 TO:
    Abakon Ventures International,
    Sterling Bank: 0067026822


    » I have been approached by many about this grant program.
    » It wasn't until I personally spoken with the CEO of Nation Builders NGO and after much interaction, I was personally persuaded to key into the grant program.
    » I am personally registering some Outlets.
    » I know that some people will begin to say that we are yet to see SEM's outcome and we are already going into another.
    » My response to that is, Follow your Heart!
    » The more seeds we strategically sow, the more likely that something must drop for us this Year.
    » And indeed, Something must drop this Year!
    » I therefore encourage you to subscribe to this grant program. Even if you just get One Outlet. If it works, at least you will have something to hold on to.
    » Those who can buy more, please do not over invest in one program. Spread your risk.
    » We're all taking risk, but one hit will take care of all our investments.
    » May God bless all our efforts. 🙏🏽😊🙌🏽

    I am...
    Oniye, Abel Akinwande, (BSc, MBA, ACIFCN)