Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Interrupting Surgery And Asking For Prayers From Pastor



Pregnant Woman Loses Baby After Interrupting Surgery And Asking For Prayers From Pastor

Ghanaian woman has sadly lost her baby after she interrupted the medical process (apparently while she was being whisked to the theatre, she stopped the medical team and demanded to talk to her pastor first) which has dearly cost her baby’s life.


This sad news-which evidently reveals the buffoonery of religion and vastly Christianity was shared on Facebook by relationship coach and blogger Abena Manokekame. Sharing the story she wrote;

“So a pregnant woman I was going to pay for her Babycare shopping lost her child 3 days ago (the pregnancy was 8 months). She just informed me about what happened that she’d wanted to talk to her pastor before going into theatre but the network didn’t favor her. The delay cost her. This is what I told her, that as believers we should know when to allow God to do His Will. You’ve prayed every day for God to help you deliver safely.

Every day oh, both day and night. Even in the church, I’m sure your pastor prayed specifically for pregnant women like you to deliver safely so when it’s time to deliver, go straight to the hospital and allow the doctors to do their work. If you still want to talk to your pastor, don’t let that interfere with the doctor’s work. Don’t tell the doctors to wait until you’ve received blessings from your pastor.

That delay can cost the life of your child or even yours. Coronavirus has taught us that you can’t joke with healthcare even as a believer. If you still must let your pastor know you’ve gone into labor, let someone else call them to inform them, it’s not necessary for you to still talk to them! They can still pray for you without talking to you abi?

Adoma, like I said, God has given doctors the knowledge to do their work and some are believers just like you who pray before they work. Let’s allow them to work instead of interrupting them. I’m sorry for your loss.

NB: I wouldn’t have said anything if this hadn’t hit me so hard.”

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