Wahala! Nigerian Lady Exposed As Live Crabs Busted Out Of Her Luggage At The Airport. VIDEO

 A Nigerian lady has been exposed big time at the airport while trying to transport these huge crabs overseas.

The video was shared by Nollywood actress Mary Njoku who believes it’s a disgrace for African sisters to be doing so.

In the video, you could see these huge African crabs getting out of where they were kept sparking laughter from those standing by. Those who could not help themselves broke into laughter.

Some were falling off the troll, the people who were scared too had to pick their laugage while the crabs moved about.

She wrote, “Dear African Sisters, must you ‘fall our hand’ every time you travel”.

Watch the video below;

Now we know for a fact that there are crabs in other parts of the and not Africa, so the reason why she decided to send the crabs there might be strange.

There are some items that are prohibited when traveling like hard drugs, but crabs certainly should be allowed.

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