Meet The Man Who Accused Yul Edochie Of Being His Gay Partner, Steven Ugochukwu Nelson Onyebuchi. PHOTOS


Yul Edochie had a career-threatening shame of his life as far back as in the year 2015 when one man bitterly accused him of being a queer man.

The son of the veteran actor, Pete Edochie was so shamed to the extent that it took the fame of his father in order for him to have some form of redemption from this disgraceful news.

His reputation was smeared and he was labelled as a gay man by one man, Steven Ugochukwu Nelson Onyebuchi. He fingered Yul Edochie as a man who liked men and he unashamedly claimed Yul was his gay partner back then. He also attacked him for being dishonest about their hidden relationship.

Yul Edochie took to the use of social media and any media network that he could lay his hands on back then to reply to this imposter. According to him, this man wanted to extort him and his family. He concluded that he has never met this man before and neither did he know him.

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