Woman gives birth to twins while in COVID-19 coma. PHOTOS



Woman gives birth to twins while in COVID-19 coma. PHOTOS

NHS consultant, Perpetual Uke, who gave birth to premature twins via caesarean section while she lay in a coma battling Covid-19 is finally back home safely with her family.

Perprtual, a rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital, began to feel unwell with flu-like symptoms in late March.

After calling NHS 111 she began a period of self-isolation but, over the coming days, she felt progressively more unwell.

She was admitted to a respiratory ward via the Emergency Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham but due to a deterioration in her condition, she was quickly transferred to the Critical Care Unit.

The High-Risk Maternity Outreach team from the Women’s Hospital conducted daily reviews and scans of her babies during this time when the seriousness of Perpetual’s condition meant she was placed into an induced coma and her breathing was taken over by a ventilator, as she fought the infection.

It was then decided that it would be safer for Perpetual and her twins for them to be delivered via caesarean section.

The team helped bring them into the world on April 10 at 26 weeks.

Sochika Palmer weighed just 770 grams while her brother, Osinachi Pascal, weighed 850 grams.

Immediately after they were born, they were admitted to the specialist Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Perpetual continued to receive care within the Critical Care Unit for another 16 days, during which time her husband Matthew spent time with his new twins and the couple’s other children, Nnamdi Ronald and Chisimdi Claire.

Perpetual Uke gave birth while on a ventilator in an induced coma and did not see her newborn babies until she came round sixteen days later.

The twins, Palmer, a girl and Pascal, a boy, stayed in a Birmingham hospital where they ‘fought aggressively for their lives’ before being discharged more than 100 days later.

See photos of Perpetual and her family:


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