Wahala! Disappointed customer shows dress she ordered and what her tailor made

 A customer who asked a tailor to make her a dress was left disappointed at what was delivered.

The woman shared a photo of the dress she ordered and what was delivered. 

She explained that a friend introduced her to the tailor who then sent her 5 dresses to choose from. She chose one and the tailor charged her 70,000 Naira.

She haggled down to 65,000 Naira and made payment for the dress.

However, the dress was not ready on time for her birthday. When it finally came, it was nothing like what she ordered.

The Twitter user was told that she probably ordered an inferior material but she explained that the tailor handled everything, including sourcing the material for the dress.

She went on to share videos to show how the finishing was.

She added that she asked the tailor to keep 25,000 Naira and make a refund of 40,000 and she'll return the dress, but the tailor refused.

Below are tweets shared by the disappointed customer alongside videos of the dress delivered. 

See the post below

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