Wahala Be Like Bicycle: Mr Ibu & Charles Aworum Captured Fighting In A Hotel. VIDEO


A viral video of Mr. Ibu and Charles Aworum fighting has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

 In the video sighted on Instagram, Charles Ibu was captured raining insults and allegations on John Okafor whilst he sits calmly in a chair.

 The reason behind their brouhaha has not yet been revealed but Mr. Ibu though was calm in the beginning had to react as things were getting worse.

They were spotted fighting in a room with a lady and one gentleman in their presence as it took their intervention to separate the duo from throwing a fist.

The lady whose name has not been identified dared to publish the incident if they continued fighting in order to calm their nerves.

We are following closely and every information regarding this would be updated when disclosed.

Watch the video below:


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