Nigerian Lady Expresses Joy After Having “Great S*x” With Her ‘Ghost’ Boyfriend

Fans of Bridget Otoo are disappointed in her for boldly announcing on Twitter that she had great s*x.

Excited Bridget Otoo hopped on Twitter, probably, after the marathon of s*x with this unknown dude and wrote; “Just had great s*x”.

Well, some of her holier than thou fans are disappointed that she could announce such a private thing on Twitter.

But who cares? After all, body no be firewood and sometimes when the bang is great, you have no option than to shout to the world about it.

One of her disappointed fans wrote;

“@Bridget_Otoo please this isn’t the brand you started. I have followed you since day one. I admire you a lot, switch from this image. I beg I don’t want you to loose respect in our society. Africans are different please. I beg Biko!”

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