Motorist Crash Into Ginimbi’s Mansion Wall. PHOTOS



Motorist Crash Into Ginimbi’s Mansion Wall. PHOTOS

 The late Zimbabwean millionaire, Ginimbi’s plush house mansion wall has a part accidentally demolished by a motorist. The motorist crashed into the wall on the day of the funeral but quickly disappeared looking at the damage it caused to the wall.

An eyewitness report that the unexpected accident occurred while the motorist was reversing to avoid being noticed by the security guards and to avoid the numerous cars parked there.

The eyewitness said the motorist unintentionally crashed the wall after hitting one of the vehicles parked outside belong to a mourner so decided to reverse on top speed to prevent himself being noticed and stopped. The impact was so great that it broke the huge brick wall, creating a large opening into the residence.

“It is sad that the motorist destroyed the mansion precast security wall together with another parked vehicle belonging to one of the mourners and sped off,” said the eye witness.

’I am not sure if that motorist deliberately targeted the walls but from the look of things he was reversing at a fast speed to avoid security guards after he hit one of the parked vehicles.

’A number of people who failed to find their way into the mansion because of the limited number returned to their homes refusing to follow proceedings from the tents.

’I am still wandering why the motorist decided to disappear from the scene following that mishap considering the damage he had caused,” said the eye witness

Despite the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, Ginimbi had a mass burial from friends. His body was first conveyed to the church where the family worship for the last mass before it conveyed back to his mansion for burial.

Before Ginimbi died, he made a will but was unable to sign that suggested that the mansion should be used as a museum, and other properties are to be sold with the proceeds given to the charity house.

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