Meet Andiswa Selepe, 16-Year-Old South African Model With The Curves Of An Adult. PHOTOS

It is always rare to meet women who are either older or younger than their age, the latter of which most ladies chase after by using a variety of cosmetics to enhance their beauty.

However, some people are naturally gifted with these looks just like the case of Selepe.

Earlier this year, photos of Andiswa Selepe went viral on all social media platforms after most people began to doubt what her real age is, as a result of her body physique and lovely facial looks.

Despite her age-defying looks, Andiswa Selepe is just a 16-year-old teenager. She has done well to brand herself as an Instagram influencer and a determined model, who represents top clothing brands in South Africa.

Her popularity has increased with her Instagram page “Thebomb_rsa” filled with over 1million followers who admire her looks and personality.

The fast-rising influential South African model is however yet to finish her Secondary School Education but has earned a way of making a living through her attractive looks.

Check out these stunning photos of Andiswa that her fans and followers just can’t resist.

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