Davido’s Crew ‘Exposes’ Wizkid Over Grammy Nominations



Davido’s Crew ‘Exposes’ Wizkid Over Grammy Nominations

 Vinne, one of the crew members of the Nigerian superstar, Davido, has revealed that rival of his boss, Wizkid did not get any Grammy 2021 nomination.

According to Vinne, contrary to views that Wizkid who was featured in the “Brown Skin girl” video that was nominated for the Grammy awards covers only Beyoncé and the producers of the video.

In a post he shared on his social media page he explained that it was sad on the path of Twitter influencers in Nigeria to mislead the public about Wizkid’s alleged nomination when in real fact, it was only Beyoncé and the producers of the video who were nominated.

The post reads:

“Its sad how Twitter NG influencers are spreading rumours about Wizkid being nominated for the #GRAMMYs When it was clearly stated that he wasn’t, and also not credited on official Grammy site the way Burna Boy and other nominated people were. We are our own problem in this country”.

Additionally, he reminded netizens of the mess some of these stars who collaborated with Beyoncé on her LION KING ALBUM disgraced themselves.

“Last year when Beyonce LION KING got nominated, Wizkid Burna Tiwa Yemi Alade Tekno were all screaming “I got nominated” but turned out they were not Once again Burna Boy is the only nominated Nigerian artiste this year, as seen on Grammy site and it’s social pages”.

He, therefore, called on NG Twitter influencers to stop peddling false rumours about Wizkid’s nomination.

“I call on Twitter NG influencers to clear the rumor about Wizkid being nominated, checked again and it still shows (1) which he got in 2017 via Drake’s album. Stop misleading the public Beyonce owns Brown skin girl, and nominated with her were the guys that worked on the video. I hope Wizkid fans can now see that Beyonce owns Brown Skin Girl, cause they made so many people who are not informed believed that Wizkid co-owned the song BEST MUSIC VIDEO (awarded to the artiste ” Beyonce “, video director and video producer You can go through the names though.

Finally, he acknowledged that Burna Boy was the only Nigerian artiste nominated for the grammy.

“Burna Boy page has been updated to (2) which means he is the only Nigerian nominated for the #GRAMMYs this year Wizkid still shows (1), which means Beyonce, The director and the people that worked in BROWN SKIN GIRL music video were the only ones nominated, be informed please”.

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