Man Escapes Lynching After Fraudulent Couple Ganged Up Against Him In Akure, Ondo State. PHOTOS


Man narrates how he escaped being lynched after fraudulent couple created a scene and raised a false alarm in Akure, Ondo State.  

The man wrote:

 Akure scammers alert. Please be careful out there. So today, on my way back to work after lunch, I got flagged down by this couple who were on a moving commercial bike, thinking there was an issue with my vehicle, I parked. The lady came to my door, jumping up & down like 

One crazy woman, crying & saying things I do not Understand, while the man was taking a picture of my plate number at the back. Confused, I decided to drive off. But what followed got my heart racing to my mouth. This couple started shouting "Ole Ole" as they run after me.

Before you say jack, over 20 persons around Tipper Garage had started rushing towards me. I had to immediately park again to avoid being actually chased as a thief. Thankfully, there were some gentle men in the crowd who managed to calm the crowd as they flocked around me.

The couple claimed that I picked them at Owena, dropped them at custom &took off with their 40K. It was basically their words against mine, which put me in a bad spot. However some persons took time to interview the couple separately on when & where I picked & dropped them.

Long story short, they were scammers who targets unsuspecting drivers. I still don't understand what they aim to achieve, but I am just grateful to God because this could easily have led to me being mobbed or probably lynched for what I know not

I still quiver at the speed people moved in at me when the couple shouted "Ole Ole Ole" while I was initially driving off. Please guys, be careful out there  


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