In-Laws Abandoned Me And My Children After The Death of My Husband- Nigerian Lady Narrates. PHOTOS

Nigerian lady narrates how her in-laws abandoned her and her children after her husband's death because she is from 'Ngwa' tribe in Abia state.

The Nigerian lady wrote;
On this day , four years ago , I removed my mourning cloths. See me looking hungry and unkept. In fact I was even glowing here...lol

Let me share something God did .

My pastor's wife had advised me not to have my baby while mourning . that I should try and remove the mourning cloth before baby comes.

OK, baby's date was Oct 4. My late daughter was born on Oct 5th.

I prayed and cried before the alter that God brings my baby before October. I asked that my baby comes ending of September as I was even tired of everything.

After three months of mourning and I had fixed the Thanksgiving date for Sept 18th. So I could prepare for baby's arrival .( working with doctor's timing )

One afternoon, I started crying while singing, questioning God . I cried and slept off.

In a trance kind of, I was told to remove my mourning cloth that weekend. I woke up, wiped my tears and put a call across to inform the church that I have changed my mind on the date. As it would be done that weekend.

Guess what, I removed my mourning cloth on 4th September and had my baby a week after 12th Sept. ( God's timing)

If i hadn't listened, I would have had my baby while mourning as I had already fixed on 18th Sept.

Even God knew I had a great child in me and didn't want him tied to mourning tradition.

Thank you God for how far I have come.

I am here to return all the glory without reservation.


#Speaking my truth

A week later I had my king. My great man came through.

I put a call across to his dad's parents to tell them I had given birth to a son for Obi.

I called both of them severally without response. Then I sent a text message  telling them I had put to bed to a baby boy and also told them the name of their child. Prince Jassiel Chikamso Obichukwu jnr.

I sent the message to both grand parents number.

I got a reply " To God be the glory . amen. And Glory be to God respectively.

The next thing. My number was blocked from both numbers . lolzz.

That was how I packed myself and told myself the bitter truth.

Dorine , you are not wanted neither are your kids.

Brace yourself, take care of them. They are all you got right now and make your late hubby proud.

At a point sometimes, I would cry while breastfeeding my son . I would apologise to him and his sister for facing such hatred. I beat myself up severally for going into a family where I was not loved ( I wasn't aware before marriage ).

I was depressed those times. Postpartum depression set in. I started seeing my getting married as the worst mistake I ever did. I was very young .

My kids were rejected. I wish Obi in his grave could see that a family he slaved for abandoned his children after his death.

The only crime I committed was coming from Ngwa ( Abia State) I was told to my face severally.

Till today , non of their father's family came to see their grand son and nephew . lolzz.

I gave myself courage to hustle very hard and smart to give them the best I could .

God came through and bestowed strength and Grace on me.

Today , we are doing well. We do not look a bit like what life put us through .

Our trials has shaped me into a strong, resilient, confident , hardworking , streetwise ,happy woman .

When men thought I couldn't do it. God did and still does it for me.

I have come to return the glory after four whole years.

Chukwu okike , oke mmuo, Chinasaram Okwu, chinalurum Ogu, Ebubedike , Chi si n'ebe ikpofu ahihia bulue Dorine na umu ya elu, Omeokachie . naara ekele m ooo.

Allow me laugh while I can. There were times laughter was far from me, all I had was tears .

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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