“I Don’t Want To Promise You And Disappoint You Later On” – Kiddwaya Tells Erica. VIDEO



“I Don’t Want To Promise You And Disappoint You Later On” – Kiddwaya Tells Erica. VIDEO

Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Kiddwaya has told his on-and-off romantic partner, Erica that he does not want to be caught up in a complex situation with her.

The billionaire son said because he comes from a wealthy family he has a lot of judgmental people around him who always have expectations on how he should live his life and the kind of woman he should settle down with.

Kidd: You’re like my ex, you guys thinks a lot. You’ve not told me much about you though.
Erica: I’ve told you a lot, almost everything about me. Everyone knows that too.
Kidd: not everyone.
Erica; yes everyone, as I’m telling you now, the world is watching, and it’s okay. I can’t do anything about it, it’s okay.
Kidd; i don’t want to promise you anything and disappoint.
Erica: I understand, i only asked questions to understand better, because everyone thinks you’re cold. Though as a joke, i can say that too.
Kidd: They’re joking but i need to dig deep to bring that side out.
Erica: I am not expecting anything from you though, just asking questions to know better and understand you more.
Kidd: I’ve told you, you will get to see the other side of me when we’re outside here.
Erica: Being locked up is enough for me to see anything i want to see.
Kidd: Even if you see, they will still be assumptions. I think you’re amazing and you will do great in whatever you do. I think will have lots of break ups and make ups, but we get back again. Then we realise we are meant to be with each other.
Erica: everything has to do with what you see, our fights and not being together?
Kidd: You’re very emotional, it’s not a bad thing. I asked myself atimes, is she ready for the real me?
Erica: What’s the real you?
Kidd: Nothing much. I feel like I’ve judgemental people around me, they will judge you a lot. Lots of my girls and guys, family well say I’m this and that. I feel like everyone thinks for someone to be with me, the person has to be special and these affects me. They’ve expectations of who i should be with. My family, guys and girls. You need to have family love in all.

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