Man Beat His Wife, Stabbed Her To Death Before He Committed Suicide. PHOTOS



Man Beat His Wife, Stabbed Her To Death Before He Committed Suicide. PHOTOS

Man narrates how a husband beat his wife before stabbing her to death and after that soulless coward emptied a bottle of sniper in his stomach and died.

See what the man wrote below;
He sealed the room and turned the music loud so the neighbors don't hear her scream. He bind her legs and hands behind her back and sealed her mouth with a duck tape.

He must've punched her severally judging from the surrounding evidence but she could not hear herself scream over the sound of music.

Then he brought out a set of knives from the kitchen rack and flipped the pliers.
He approached her creepingly like a serial killer, blood thirty he pulled of her braids one after the other, tearing away her scalp on every pull. It must've touched somewhere in my brain for such pain how can anyone even fathom? 

The blood leaked off the top of her skull soaking in her hair and then the knives came in. Stab after stab the knives went through her fragile body breaking veins, tearing tissues, he stabbed her 11 times until the bed was soaking  red and then the heartless, soulless coward emptied a bottle of sniper in his stomach.

From the story of Maryam Sanda who stabbed and murdered her husband in cold blood to that woman who killed her husband and kids in Benue, to the jealous wife who burnt her husband inside his car, to yet another jealous woman who gave her cheating husband and his mistress an acid bath in benin....
Who remembers the husband strangled his wife to death because she talked back at him. Or the man who set his wife up to be gang raped just to be free of her? Or is it the recent horror movie of Femi as he murdered his wife of two kids in cold blood....

This is not a sign of end time, it is only a sign of ignorance, of GREED and of peer pressure.
Every young girl wants to get married by all means, It doesn't matter if he's a monster as far as he is rich but being single is better than being LATE.
If he is not ur Friend he cannot be ur Husband.
If she is not ur Friend She cannot be ur Wife.

Check ur relationship, Avoid temperamental partners, Avoid abusive partners, and Avoid suicidal partners.
Be with people who can endure ur excesses, People who can forgive ur mistakes and betrayals, Not people who dare u to beat them, If ur woman dares u bro let her go before u kill her, If ur man beats u, sis let him go before he kills u....

Date Your Friend, Marry Your Friend.
You love him, He loves You " Is not reliable... Just because u love a monster doesn't mean he/she will not kill u and just because a monster loves u doesn't mean they can get jealous and kill u...
Marry Ur Friend.

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