Coronavirus: Sudan’s COVID-19 death toll overtakes Nigeria

Coronavirus: Sudan’s COVID-19 death toll overtakes Nigeria

Sudan has overtaken Nigeria on COVID-19 death charts and currently occupies the 4th position in Africa.

Africa has recorded over 9,100 deaths due to complications arising from COVID-19.

According to the latest number released by the World Health Organization, WHO, regional office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, there are 9,156 deaths recorded on the continent.

Africa has also recorded 356,442 COVID-19 cases and 171,000 recoveries in 54 countries.
As of Saturday, Sudan is now ahead of Nigeria with 559 reported deaths, the fourth-highest on the continent.

Nigeria has 554 deaths, while Egypt has 2,533 reported deaths, the highest on the continent, followed by South Africa with 2,340 deaths, and Algeria with 885 deaths.

Other countries are Cameroon (313 deaths), Morocco (217 deaths), DR Congo (148 deaths), Kenya (137 deaths), Mauritania (119 deaths), Mali (113 deaths), Ghana (103 deaths), Somalia (90 deaths), Ethiopia (89 deaths), Chad (74 deaths) and Niger (67 deaths)

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