Woman Breasts Now Rotting, Smelled Like Decayed Flesh After A Plastic Surgery. PHOTOS

A woman's breast tissues started to rot and smell like dying flesh after a botched breast reduction surgery.

In a preview clip for Monday night's episode of the series Botched, the woman, named Esmeralda, describes how she was left with a "hole" in each of her breasts after her doctor spent six months cutting out the decaying flesh. 

"I've seen a lot of breast reductions, and I've seen a lot of complications from them, but this is the worst complication from a breast reduction I have ever seen," Dr. Terry Dubrow said.

Speaking with plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow and his partner Dr. Paul Nassif, Esmeralda explains how she decided to have a breast reduction at the age of 18 because her DDD breasts were causing her back pain.

Esmeralda, who was joined by her mother and sister, says she started to get worried shortly after her surgery when she started to smell something rotting.  

She says: "The smell was coming through my shirt. That's when I started to panic. I feel like we know what a dead body smells like now."

"The tissue looked like it was dying," her mom adds. 

Esmeralda says her doctor assured her that they could fix it, and each time she saw him, he would cut deeper and deeper into her flesh to remove the dead skin. 

She recalls: "For six months, I would go up to see him up to three times a week just so he could cut off the dead skin until it turned [into] like flesh, open flesh, but it was deep.

Dr Dubrow then asks Esmeralda if her doctor never sent her to a wound care center and she responds, stating that her original doctor had only treated her himself.

Dr. Dubrow was appalled by her first doctor's approach, adding that he had wasted precious time.
'If you have tissue necrosis and tissue loss, and you need to treat it by surgical removal, you have to do it very aggressively and very quickly,' he says in his testimonial. he said

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