Saturday, 23 May 2020

Nigerian Mother Narrates How Her Husband Do Maltreated Her Because of His Side Chic. PHOTOS & VIDEO

Nigerian Lady, Bolarinwa Monsurat Odekunle shares her heart-wrenching ordeal in the hands of her husband. Blames side chic.

She wrote:
I got married to Niyi Odekunle in 2017. I didnt sense his animalistic behavior abinitio as i had to stay with his parents in ibadan for a year while he was in Lagos on duty call. this prevented me from seeing his true picture.

 I started experiencing this situation not long after our family members advised that i should move over to Lagos with him with my child to his house at No.8, Adeyemi Fakoya street, Akonwonjo, Lagos and he bacame a worse person the moment this lady (Awafat) came into the picture.

Watch Video Below



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