Saturday, 9 May 2020

Nigerian Man From Oshogbo, Thrashed Nigeria Celebrities & Female Followers After 6ix9ine Had 2 Million Views on Live Instagram Video

Nigerian man thrashed Nigeria celebrities and Nigerian ladies after 6ix9ine had 2 million views on live video without showing ass, boobs, or even giveaway. The man also said Nigerians are not supportive enough that they see Nigerian celebrities as opportunity to beg from them.

The man wrote;
He 6ix9ine had 2million views on ig live without showing ass and boobs or give away
I hope our Nigerian artist are learning and I hope our Nigerian ladies are learning as well.
If we don't really have a celebrity that can have 500k views on ig live without showing ass and boobs or give away, It means Nigerians are not supportive they are all see our Nigerian celebrities as opportunity for what they are have.
God bless Nigeria
God bless Nigerians.

See screenshot below



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