Few Minutes To Closing Time, GTBank Securities Beat Up An Officer, Damaged His iPhone For Making Enquiry. PHOTOS

According to the Victim, Samuel Safo Boateng, He Wrote;
Today I was assaulted and humiliated @GTBankGhana Adum Branch by thugs who call themselves security men. My offense was entering the bank to make enquiries. I can’t make a long post here but I am shocked this is how the bank treats it’s customers.

I was at branch today to make an enquiry.  Few minutes into 4pm. Banking hall's entrance was opened. A security man showed up to say banking hour was over. I explained politely I was locked up in another bank nearby and only needed information on Visa card so I prepare my documents for tomorrow.  I added I lived outside the Greater Kumasi area. I said I'll be happy to speak to the schedule officer, outside.

He made me wash my hands. I made my way into the hall. Few steps away from him, I felt a violent hold of my shirt. Then a pull from behind.

I kept asking what the issue was. Before any answer came, another security man joined in and I landed on the floor.
Two men on me. No defence of mine could foil the attack. The assaulted continued unrestrained until a  bank staff and  passers-by came to my rescue. 

For a bank as reputable as GT Bank to have thugs as security men is a "model mess". A broken phone, pains in my throat, ribs and back because a bank hired unprofessional,  inhumane thugs as bank security!
I've done my civic duty of reporting this assault to the Police.

 Time for banks to check who provide them security. Nobody must go through this humiliation in the hands of thugs for saving in a bank.

So what if these two thugs had coronavirus.😭😭😭.

After some minutes, GTbank official quickly reach this man on social media and apologize on behalf of their security men.

See Photos Below

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