Sunday, 17 May 2020

CoronaVirus Lockdown: Blind Widow Woman Calls Out Nigerian Governments For Not Given Her Any Palliatives. VIDEO

As coronavirus continues to ravage lives, the lockdown instituted to prevent its spread, seems to have its own share of disadvantage as a blind widow, named Moninuola Opebiyi, who lost her husband one week to the lockdown in Nigeria has lamented and shared her struggles and sufferings caused by th lockdown.

In an interview with BBC, the blind widow narrates the pitiful condition she and her children found themselves as a result of the lockdown which began one week after the demise of her husband.

As a blind woman, Moninuola Opebiyi, disclosed that the only thing she can sell is ‘pure water’ (satchet water) to support herself and her two children and if she makes no sales, they will starve till she can afford to buy a meal.
She also lamented about her inability to access any palliative from the federal government, saying that FG have not given them any palliative ever since the commencement of the program….
Watch touching video:



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