Little Girl Was Found Reading At ATM Gallery, FCMB Set To Sponsor Her. PHOTOS

young girl whose name was identified as dele was found and pictured by Twitter User, she was found using the light from a First City Monument Bank (FCMB) ATM Gallery to read her books.

The tweet went viral and finally got to FCMB who asked people to find dele so that she could be sponsored.

The tweet:
“I saw this little Dele at FCMB Bank along Yaba Road in Ondo City. She is using the ATM Gallery light to do her homework. My respect goes to her determination to make it in life. Let it go viral.”

And then FCMB replied

We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support. Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT until it gets to someone who knows her.

More reports have it that DELE and her grandmother have been found and she attends a private school name Hope of Glory Academy.

See more photos below:

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