Actress Omoborty Advises Against Using Microwave To Boil Water - See Why

Actress Omoborty advises against using microwave to boil water, following her horrible experience. 

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Which of your mercies oh Lord can I deny? This domestic accident happened to me January 21 this very year. What if my eyes were affected? What if this disfigured me for life?. What if....Oh God I'm so grateful ���. . •Lesson learnt please don't heat water in a microwave except if the cup or plastic is microwavable... How did this happen? I put a covered cup of water in the microwave, after the supposed time, i opened it, and it exploded on my face, splashed the hot water on my face, while the plastic cup came out with a force, gave me a deep cut on my brow and another cut close to my eyes. Who said there is no God? Lesson two...please when aiming at a whiter skin, remember that, no one plans for accident. Once the skin is too thin, stitches won't stay in place. Above all my injury healed and barely visible. Thank God for blessing the hospital with a very good surgeon.

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