Saturday, 27 April 2019

Regina Daniels Credits Mother For Lavish Lifestyle In New Interview


Regina Daniels, a young Nollywood actress who got tongues waging for flaunting newly acquired mansions, wrist watch and G Wagon online few days ago has credited her mother for luxurious lifestyle.

In a chat with Inside Nollywood, the Igbinedion University undergraduate said her mother is her backbone of support.

Her words:
“My mum has always been there for me. I owe her a lot. It was through the help of my mother that I started acting. I didn’t really see myself reaching this stage. It all happened all of a sudden. My mother suffered and made sure I got to this stage in life.
“Till now, I don’t really have any challenges because my mother is always there, guiding me and also protecting me”.

On how she’s coping with her tedious acting schedule and schooling, the actress said;

“I must say it’s difficult though. When I am in school, I try as much as possible to study ahead of others so as to pass my exams well. I always find a way to balance both.”

Author: verified_user