Saturday, 20 April 2019

Nigerian musician goes completely naked (Photos)

According to gist reaching Nairafame, a Nigerian veteran singer based in the United States went completely naked on Instagram as he declared himself the ‘sexiest man alive’.
Morachi who went completely naked shared the photo of his naked self and captioned it Sexiest man alive | No face No case’
Recall that when asked how he fits into the industry as many celebrities have knocked old singers off, he said;
“I am one of the pioneers of the Nigeria music industry. Most of the things artists are enjoying today if not for the type of standard I created with the “Hapuya like that” video. I am the terrain, I don’t believe in illuminati, I believe in hard work.  Everybody who got there did that through hard work. I am a revolutionary, I know the industry has changed a lot. I just want to use the media to show the world what I wanted to show them years ago, that they didn’t give me the chance to do.”
See post and photo below:



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