Saturday, 2 March 2019

Teacher is The Mother of All Profession, Nigerian Lady Says After Teaching Practice. Photos

Nigerian lady, Emmanuella Rufai looks excited as she's done with her teaching practice yesterday also Emmanuella received alos of gifts from her students yesterday in Birrel Avenue Senior High School.

Emmanuella shares some moments with her students with caption.
See photos and caption below

*TEACHING PRACTICE* Teaching was not in any way part of my life ambitions because most people define it as a poor job/ low profession here but I realised that teaching entails more than taking a subject or course. It is a powerful profession with powerful people, I'll say it's the mother of all professions because it is through it other professions are acquired. 
It is like molding lives, parenting, understanding different people in different ways and knowing how to make them learn in a suitable way. 
These six weeks I practise teaching taught me a lot. I'm proud of myself for finishing this course. 
I wish all my students nothing but the best and appreciate their love & kindness. I also appreciate the school, Birrel Avenue Senior High school for everything. I pray that the good God will continue to bless everyone and move them forward. ❤️ .

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